Together let’s protect our future.

About us

Our team is made up of doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, biologists. This project was made possible through close collaboration with a French laboratory, with a constant concern for compliance with the strictest health standards, using only natural products.


We have succeeded in developing a disinfection portal, with a vegan antiseptic product (the only one on the market), not tested on animals, without toxic components, and which does not stain clothes.


We are the only ones in France to have a natural disinfectant product from organic farming, 100% made in France.

Our Goal

Viruses and epidemics are part of our history, and we must learn to live with these elements by adapting to these constraints.


Our ambition is to greatly reduce the risk of contamination, as much for the coronavirus as for the Flu and other viruses (gastroenteritis, ebola, etc.), this will allow us to find a more serene life, while being able to enjoy its pleasures.


Shows, concerts, bars, restaurants, sport in all its forms (stadiums and sports halls), we all aspire to regain our pre-crisis life, and these booths can help us, always on the same principle of barrier measures .

Our natural product

The only natural disinfectant products (plant origin), our different formulas guarantee effective disinfection of hands and surfaces. The absence of fragrance and dye make it a simple and safe product.


Our Philosophy

We make it a point of honor to preserve our environment, while respecting our planet. In addition, none of the products designed between french laboratories SleA and PITOUI are tested on animals. 


Thanks to our manufacturing process, the ingredients we use respect the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis.


To date, we are the only ones to use as a basic ingredient, plant active principles having the power of total disinfection.


Due to their natural side, our products can be used on women, men and children.

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Regulated products

All our products and formulas are scrupulously declared and monitored

Our products are tested and declared to the competent services.


Comply with government regulations and standards EN 14476, EN 13624, EN 13697 and EN 1278

EN 17272 (airborne disinfection)

Our Concepts


Disinfection gantry

Device to drastically reduce the risk of contamination by nebulization of a

antiseptic product.

Disinfection sprayers

Battery operated sprayers, eliminating viruses and bacteria.

Micro disinfection sprayers

Handbag, backpack, in the car or at work, this pocket-sized micro-sprayer (11 cm) will follow you everywhere.

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spray atomiser2.jpg