Systems disinfection

Our ambition is to greatly reduce the risk of contamination, as much for the coronavirus as for the Flu and other viruses (gastroenteritis, ebola, etc.), this will allow us to find a more serene life, while being able to enjoy its pleasures.

Disinfection sprayers


Rechargeable battery sprayer, eliminating viruses and bacteria.

Natural antiseptic product, free from toxic anionic agents harmful to the environment.

Validated to disinfect surfaces and people (the only one on the market).

Our product, 100% natural and ecofriendly, is non-toxic and can be used in human presence.


Disinfection sprayers spray over a distance of 2 meters.


Sectors concerned:







  • ...


Effective against all viruses (Flu, Coronavirus, Ebola,

Viruses responsible for gastroenteritis, Adenoviruses, Polioviruses

Norovirus, Rotavirus)


Standard EN 14476

Standard EN 13727

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Disinfection gantry

Device that drastically reduces the risk of contamination by nebulization of a 100% natural and eco-responsible antiseptic product.


Our gantries are intended for various establishments open to the public, EHPAD, hospitals, airports, stations, shopping centers, cinemas, sports halls, stadiums, museums, companies ...


Nebulization by detection, or in continuous mode if necessary



Temperature measurement

Verification of the wearing of the mask

Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser

Possibility of adapting the dimensions


Our system has obtained the standards EN 17272: 04-2020 (airborne disinfection) and EN 14476 (virucidal standard). It is the only gantry crane to have obtained the air disinfection standard EN 17272: 04-2020.



The results show that our gantries are effective on all viruses (Flu, Coronavirus, Ebola, Viruses responsible for gastroenteritis, Adenovirus, Poliovirus Norovirus, Rotavirus, ...)



Under stainless steel material:

Dimensions: 230cm x 130cm x 80cm (H * W * D)

Operating temperature: 1 ° c to 40 ° c

Disinfection system: Nebulization

Power supply: 220V

Net weight: ~ 150 kg

100% organic product: PITOUI solution for portal

Tank capacity: ~ 30 liters

Consumption of disinfectant: ~ 100 to 200 people / liter



Be careful not to use hypochlorous acid or chlorinated derivatives, which are dangerous for humans and do not kill viruses (Not effective on the coronavirus).