Our Product

The only natural disinfectant products (plant origin), our different formulas guarantee effective disinfection of hands and surfaces. The absence of fragrance and dye make it a simple and safe product.


We manufacture all types of products:

Hydro Alcoholic Solution (SHA) - 75% v / v

Hydro Alcoholic Gel (GHA) - 70% v / v

Animal disinfection solution - 65% v / v

Disinfection product for cold rooms, food industry and surfaces

Disinfection product for DSVA system (airborne disinfection)

TP1: Human hygiene products

100% 1 Nautral

TP2: Disinfection products for surfaces

100% 1 Nautral

TP3: Veterinary hygiene

100% 1 Nautral
Stand de légumes sur un marché

TP4: surfaces in contact with food and feed.

100% 1 Nautral


The quality of our products as well as the manufacturing process we use allow us to bring a revolution to the market for Biocides and disinfection products.

Our base is 100% of plant and natural origin.

He advantages of our products:

Does not stick to the hands

Do not stain clothes

Does not attack the skin

Not harmful to the environment

Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

Natural product, without allergenic agents

Not tested on animals